Yearbook Applications DEADLINE:
Friday, May 20th!

*Advisor will notify you of your acceptance status the last week of May! 

Welcome to Yearbook!

Thank you for your interest in joining the yearbook staff! Yearbook is a popular elective and becomes extremely competitive to get into. Since it is a one period class, there is limited space. Completing an application does not guarantee acceptance. More students want to join yearbook than the class can support. That means only a certain number of students will be accepted into the class.

The Yearbook student's goal is to record, photograph, interview, and to write stories about the school year. They do this so that students can reflect back on their junior high experiences.

The Yearbook students create the entire book, including the cover. The students are in charge of the way the yearbook operates. Under student leadership roles, the class decides the stories, photographs, captions, page design, color schemes, theme, and all other aspects of a quality yearbook that will represent Placerita Jr. High in the best and most memorable way possible.

Yearbook students are also responsible for things that are not seen in the book. They put together marketing flyers, advertisements, school TV commercials, and other tasks to promote the yearbook to students and recognition/tribute ads to parents. Yearbook students also help recruit 6th graders going into 7th grade and 7th graders going into 8th grade for the following school year.

Yearbook requires dedication and hard work, but it is also a lot of fun. This class gives students a unique and realistic exposure to the real-world publishing experience. We work fast-paced and adhere to strict deadlines, but teamwork helps us to succeed.

By applying for a position on the Placerita Yearbook Staff, you are accepting the possibility of a role that makes you responsible for recording our school's history, being part of a class that may require after school hours, work time during school breaks, and even possible Saturday workdays in order to meet specific publisher deadlines.


The ideal yearbook student will have many of the qualities below.

A Yearbook staff member's responsibilities will include:

  • Making yearbook class a priority

  • Getting to class at least 5 minutes early to help set up the class yearbook equipment (Yearbook is a first period class) and being prepared to work

  • Committing to taking the yearbook class as your elective for at least 3 quarters. By the beginning of Quarter 4, the yearbook is complete. During this quarter, we focuses on personal photography interests, yearbook distribution planning, and marketing the yearbook with video commercials and flyers

  • Maintaining good grades in your other classes

  • Working as a team to complete all sections of the yearbook

  • Working on yearbook outside of class time

  • Going to after-school events to take photos and to cover stories

  • Meeting strict deadlines

  • Writing stores, articles, and captions about what's going on in a photo, and then proofreading it for spelling and grammar errors

  • Talking to and taking photographs of people you don't know

  • Convincing shy students to let you take their picture

  • Conducting interviews with teachers to get information about their group/club.

  • Conducting interviews with students.

  • Creating polls and surveys to gather information

  • Checking the spelling of everyone’s name in the school (and making sure it’s the name they go by)

  • Sometimes spending 45 minutes cutting out a background on just ONE picture

  • Never using the phrase, “It’s good enough.”

  • Handle expensive photography equipment with care

  • Learning a lot, working hard, and having fun

Before you apply, please read all of the directions below carefully.

 1. You will need approximately 15 minutes and must have a parent/guardian nearby to e-sign at the end, indicating they understand your interest and responsibilities to the Yearbook program as well as you do.

2. Please write down this link now: You will need to give this link to your 6th grade teacher if you are going into 7th grade, and two of your 7th grade teachers if you are going into 8th grade. They are going to provide a recommendation. Remember to ask them nicely! This is an important part of the process, and all applications are considered incomplete until the recommendation(s) are completed by your teachers. Check in with your teacher(s) to make sure they have completed it. Don't assume they did it. Ask them and when they say to you, "I completed it," you can email me to make sure that they did.


When you are ready to apply online, click the correct link below: 

Questions? Email:

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